ML data annotations & tagging made super easy.

Just upload data, invite your team and build training/evaluation dataset in hours.

Upload data, invite collaborators, and start tagging.

Pre-build support for all data annotation needs like image labeling, NLP tagging, classification etc.

Annotate all your data, Text, Image, Video, or Speech.

No more ad-hoc setups, or passing around excel sheets.

Support for all your data annotation needs.

Image labeling

Mark bounding boxes and annotate right from a browser.

NER tagging of text

A super easy interface to tag for named entity recognition in text.

Video labeling

Label videos frame by frame or create dataset for speech to text.


How does it work?

You and your team can now easily collaborate to build ML datasets super quick.

Send email invite to anyone to help label your datasets, your team, friends, colleagues or external labelers.

Pre-build support for more than a dozen data annotation use cases.