ML data annotations made super easy for teams.

Just upload data, add your team and build training/evaluation dataset in hours.

Powering the world's most innovative teams

Continuously improve your AI models.

Pre-built support for all data annotation needs: Image, Video, Text, NER etc.

Seamless integration: Continuously track your model accuracy or add new training data.

No more ad-hoc setups, or passing around excel sheets.

Support for all your data annotation needs.

Image Bounding Boxes

Mark bounding boxes and annotate right from a browser.

NER tagging in Documents

Full length document annotations (PDF, Doc, Text etc).

Image Segmentation

Draw free form polygons and generate image masks.

POS tagging

A super easy interface to tag for PoS/NER in sentences.


Work as a team

Track performance and improve efficiency.

Enterprise-grade Solution.

On-prem data, Granular access control, Highly-Scalable platform.

Join thousands of startups using Dataturks and super-charge your AI models.

Create Project

Create project, select your use-case image-bounding, document annotation etc.

Upload data

Upload your data, be it images or urls or text/pdf files.

Invite team & Start Tagging

Invite your team to continuously create annotations.

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