How To Build A POS/NER tagging Project?

Tag words or phrases as parts-of-speech or build named entity recognition datasets.

A quick overview of the full process, uploading data, doing tagging and downloading results.

Uploading data

You can upload dataset to be tagged while creating the project and also add any additional data items to the project anytime you like.

You can upload a text file (txt, csv, pdf etc) where each line in the file is a data item to be tagged. Dataturks will show each data item one at a time to be labeled.


apple watch series 2
bose wireless headphones
canon camera
external hard drive
lenovo yoga 720

Downloading results

The results are downloaded as a text file (tsv file) where each line contains the original data item line and the tagged line separted by a tab.

Example annotation:

input	    result
apple watch series 2	apple____Brand watch____Category series____Model 2____Model
bose wireless headphones	bose____Brand wireless____Category headphones____Category
canon camera	canon____Brand camera____Category
external hard drive		external hard____Category drive____Category
lenovo yoga 720 	lenovo____Brand yoga____Model 720____Model



For paid plans (even during trials) all data is completely private. Dataturks claims no ownership of any of your data.