Building An Image Rectangular Bounding Box Project?

Draw rectangles around objects in an image and label them to a class.

A quick overview of the full process, uploading data, doing tagging and downloading results.

Uploading data

You can upload dataset to be tagged while creating the project and also add any additional data items to the project anytime you like.

There are two options of uploading data:

(1) You can upload a text file where each line in the file is a URL of the image to be tagged. The URL needs to be accessable on your computers. Dataturks will show the images on the tool directly from these URL. These can be public or private URLs.

(2) You can upload a zip file of all the images. The images would be uploaded and stored on Dataturks servers. When you download the results, the exported annotation will refer to these URLs.

Downloading results

The results are downloaded as a text file where each line is a JSON containing the URL of the image and coordinates of the rectangle labeled in the image.

Example annotation:

"points" are normalized [x, y] coordinates of the image. To get the absolute pixel values, just use the width, height values of the image.

[pixel-x, pixel-y] = [x * width, y * height]


For paid plans (even during trials) all data is completely private. Dataturks claims no ownership of any of your data.